No Company On the Public Dole Should Be Allowed to Pocket ANY Profits

Make no mistake about it, the largest welfare user in this nation and around the world is Walmart, also the largest company on the planet too. They also make "profits" in the billions while underpaying employees to the point they cannot survive without skipping bills and going without electricity.

This is obscene that the Waltons, the richest family on Earth, is allowed to pocket money that should, by any rational thought process, be going to pay their employees livable wages.

But we know that is simply not the case and the Waltons are the greediest and most miserly billionaires there are. These are mentally defective greedheaded fools who think they need more money when there is no way they could EVER spend the money they already have.

Go and read, “I cannot continue to live and work like this”: How Wal-Mart drove me to shut down Park Avenue and then tell me how good you feel about giving money to Walmart and the Waltons. These are despicable exploiters who should be forced to pay livable wages or have their operating licenses yanked.

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